Saturday Evening Service 5:30pm
111 Samuel Blvd.
Coppell, Texas 75019

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

Tabernacle blog pic with say truth lifeWhen Jesus proclaimed that He was “The Way, the Truth and the Life” He was basically declaring that He was establishing in Himself a New Spiritual Temple.  He was to be the New High Priest of the Temple and He would become the sacrificial lamb presented as the atonement for our sins granting us acceptance into this New Kingdom.  And He invited us into this new Spiritual Reality through Him… “the Door”.  He said no one can come to the Father into this New Life except through Him.

His 7 “I Am” statements and the 7 miracles He performed confirmed that He was the minister over every area of this New Temple.  Those miracles proved His authority to make such radical claims and that He truly was who He said He was.

Want to find out more about all the riches of this radical New Creation and the place Jesus has reserved for you?  Check out our new sermon series “I AM” and join us for services at 10am on Sunday.


Pastor Jeff


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