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In the beginning …God.  This is a profound statement which separates Christianity from much of the other worldviews.  The Christian worldview not only puts the God of love at the center of life…but our God, who is love, precedes the creation of life.  (Most other worldviews put the creation of life first and then love somehow follows or evolves.)  Christianity makes love our highest calling and answers the four basic questions of life…

1. Origin – Love is our beginning.  It is where we come from.

2. Morality – Love is the measuring rod for determining right and wrong, good and evil.

3. Meaning –  Love gives value to our lives and is the purpose for which we were created.

4. Destiny – Love is our goal.  We are to be reconciled with our heavenly Father in an eternal relationship of love.

The bible states that before the creation of the heavens and the earth, there was a Holy Trinity…a family in the unity and harmony of a loving relationship.

This first cause of life, this God of love represented as Father, Son and Holy Spirit making man in their own image, clearly corresponds to the reality we find ourselves in.  Human existence and survival is centered around and dependent upon family in relationship, learning to love each other in the same way the “first family” does.

This is our model for a healthy fulfilled life.  Every man, woman and child have an overwhelming desire to love and to be loved.  This is why the Christian worldview corresponds to life more coherently than any other.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.  As the God of love He was stating that…

“Love is the way, Love is the truth, and Love is life”.  It can’t be any simpler than that.  And the one to go to, to experience this LOVE, is the one who defined the real God kind of love by dying for us on a cross…     …JESUS.


Pastor Jeff



  1. I don’t think anyone on this side of eternity can fully understand the depth of God’s love, but that makes it even more amazing. Even better is the realization that this love is accessible to anyone who desires it. What a wonderful God we serve!

  2. Pastor Jeff, I am so thankful for the revelation God has put in your heart for the Body of Christ in this day. As I thought about “I am the Way” I considered this. Once we repent and come into the place of cleansing we are in that outer court. By His grace and His provision we can proceed from this place in each situation we may face. Would you agree that we have the privilege of staying in the Temple ( In Him) and do not leave this place but proceed from this place as The Holy Spirit instructs us? Or as you shared this morning as the need arises and we go out to make Him known and encounter an area where we once again need to seek Him in that “Secret Place”
    Perhaps you can share more about this. I thank God for you, Pastor Jeff and Melissa.

    • Hi Marylou,

      Yes, I agree that we can continually abide in the secret place of the most high and can carry God’s presence with us to allow Him to execute His will on earth as it is in heaven. When we live in submission to Him, He can accomplish this through us. We become yeilded vessels for His glory. The reality of it seems to be that as we go about our day making Him known, we encounter situations and circumstances that require consultation with God in His throne room. Practicing His presence moves us to a position of regular or even constant inquiry with God about how we are to deal with each situation we encounter, so we can continue to say only what we hear Him say and do only what we see Him do. This is the new heavenly kingdom that Jesus ushered in, and makes possible constant communication with heaven. Whether we are in the Walmart or at work, the way has been made for us to enter God’s throne room and dialogue with the King about anything that confronts us. We no longer have to run to sacrifice an animal, or wait once a year for a high priest to enter the holy of holies. Jesus has made a way for us to have constant intimate interaction with the Holy Trinity and to receive constant provision for every need encountered. This is His new spiritual temple that He built in three days which is being built up in the body of Christ.

  3. Thank you, Pastor Jeff. I appreciate your insight in this area. What a precious gift we have been given. What a privilege it truly is to have been given this place before the Father. It is so vital especially in these last days to be continually reminded of what Jesus has done for us and more importantly to take hold and walk in this reality.

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