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111 Samuel Blvd.
Coppell, Texas 75019

I Am “The Life”

Good morning friends,

In yesterday’s sermon, we saw how the beatitudes, the Lord’s prayer, the “I AM” statements of Jesus in the book of John, and even psalm 23 correspond to the new spiritual “heavenly kingdom” temple.  I have posted this rough diagram for us to see how all these profound declarations from Jesus connect with one another.  They lay out fTabernacle for blog postor us His path of righteousness which He guides us on to encounter and know God in an intimate relationship.  This relationship with the very “ZOE LIFE” of God (the same power that raised Christ from the dead) affords us authority and power to carry out His will on earth as it is in heaven…to “know God and make Him known”.

In September, we will be discovering how to apply this amazing righteous path of LIFE to our relationships.  These principles will work supernaturally in marriages or families and even at work!  Come join us on September 13th when we begin our new sermon series.




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