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Praying Hands Emoji – The controversy.

A while back there was some internet confusion and discussion about the praying hands emoji actually being a high five emoji.  Why did this matter?  Because you wouldn’t want to use the praying hands emoji after an expression of concern for a sick friend and have them mistake it for a “high five” actually celebrating their misfortune.  However, many contributors pointed out that it wasn’t actually a “high five” because the thumbs were pointed the same direction; technically making it a “self five” at worst…or more likely, hands pressed together in prayer.  praying hands emoji 2  While that seemed to offer momentary relief to the dilemma, a question remains.  Is it a “self five” or “praying hands”?  Inquiring minds need to know!

I say “Both”!  It is a “self-five” AND praying hands.  praying hands emoji 2 Because there is no better way to “self five” yourself than by praying to God and giving Him the credit He truly deserves in your victory!  So…I encourage us all to give ourselves a daily “self five”, and then hold our hands reverently together for a few moments as an expression of a “high ten” (if you will) in thanksgiving to God…with all ten fingers pointed up at Him and giving Him all the glory and praise!  praying hands emoji 2




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  1. I like that. It makes me smile thinking of giving God a Hi ten! I sense His smiling at me as well! Nothing is better than that! That takes me to my “Happy Place” in Him!

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