Saturday Evening Service 5:30pm
111 Samuel Blvd.
Coppell, Texas 75019

Food is information! – You are what you eat!

Experts in the field are discovering more and more that food is information.  What does that mean?  Food contains signals that instruct our cells to turn on and off certain genes.  We look at our food in terms of the macro-nutrients of fat, protein, and carbohydrates and the micro-nutrients like minerals and vitamins.  But understand that the very foods that we choose to eat are changing the expression of our DNA by turning on and off certain genes in our cells.  Healthy foods send signals and trigger responses in our bodies to function properly and to get the most value out of what we do eat.  Without that information our bodies are literally starving (to death) even though we might be full of man-made, “information-less” food.  What’s more, scientists say that unhealthy food choices we have today are causing genetic expression that leads to disease.  We need to instruct our genes wisely.

In the same way, the word of God is information.  It sends signals that instruct our spirit, soul and body.  And without that information our spirits are literally starving even though we might be full of man-made information.  We need to instruct our spirits wisely!

Come join us at GLC this Thursday (7:15pm) to learn more about G-LIFE Fitness for your spirit, soul and body!



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