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Am I a Good Person?

I recently listened to a person giving an account of a life crisis that they were experiencing and a question that was haunting them.  The experience left them asking this of themselves… “Am I a good person?”

Friends, God always uses situations like this to guide us to the truth if we will let Him.  He will use all things and situations for good if we will trust Him.  My immediate thought about the question asked was how good our God is to have given us the bible to answer these kinds of doubts that can sucker punch us from out of nowhere.

How a person answers this question can often make or break them.  The wrong answer might haunt them throughout their life, and leave them second guessing their actions to the point where they become unable to live with the conclusion they arrive at on their own.  However, we are not alone.  God has the answer.

You might be surprised to find out that God has clearly answered this question for us.  The bible clearly states…”There is no one good but God”.  This statement seems discouraging, yet holds within in it a very freeing truth.

There is great peace and confidence in the humble realization that we are of a fallen nature, yet God forgives us and redeems us into an abundant life which places us above accusation and condemnation by the enemy.  “Am I a good person?” is an irrelevant question.  We cannot not and should not carry the weight of that responsibility.  God carries that for us and Jesus is the answer to our question.  God is good and His Son Jesus lived a perfect sinless life paying the price for every “ungood” thing we have done or will do.  This is the good news and the good answer to every life crisis. We are forgiven!!!

We need not torture ourselves.  I have much compassion for people who don’t know this truth about our God, His Son Jesus and the freedom we can have by accepting His payment for our shortcomings and sins.  That is why we need to “GO” into all the world and share this good news with those that are struggling.  Jesus and His Word can equip them so that they escape being derailed during the most trying of times.




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