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Jerusalem and the Temple

When Jesus entered Jerusalem in the final week before His crucifixion (Matthew 21:`1-12), all the people were very excited to welcome a conquering King who they believed would deliver them from their oppressors.  Yet Jesus surprised them when one of His first actions was to enter the Temple and turn over the tables of the money changers and sellers.

He had cleansed the Temple area one time before (John 2:13-22) and now was returning to find it in worse condition than the first.  He quickly demonstrated that He was not as concerned about the Roman oppressors as He was about the sin that God’s people were committing.  This propensity for sin was what caused the Israelite’s to be enslaved and oppressed in the first place.

God certainly doesn’t want His people oppressed, but He desires that they be concerned about the sin that is the cause of  the oppression that enslaves them.

Question, when we diligently call on God to come into our lives and deliver us from an oppressive situation, are we as quick to invite Him in to help us deal with the sin that sometimes opens the door to the oppression we experience.



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