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I spent the morning at the Courthouse on jury duty and had the chance to reflect on the power of the law.  Being accused of a crime and going before a judge is a very intimidating process.  Knowing that you are at the mercy of someone else’s judgement and your future is in their hands is a very humbling experience.  Especially if you know you are guilty.

Unfortunately, we are all law breakers through sin in our lives and one day will come before a Holy Judge.  It is undeniable that we are all guilty.  Just check out the 10 commandments.  All of us have broken one of those at sometime in our past.

Today the jury group I was a part of was led to a room to be chosen for a particular case.  After an hour wait, the bailiff came out to tell us that the case had been dismissed. That must have been quite a relief for someone.  And I am sure they were elated to know that the guilty charge had been dropped.

In the case of our own guilt, we have the opportunity to have the guilty verdict against us “Dismissed” because someone else (Jesus) has already paid the price for the charge against us.  All we have to do is accept the payment by acknowledging the one who paid our debt.

Then the judge will declare over us…”Case Dismissed”.





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