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Life Jacket

We recently had an opportunity to go boating and the subject came up about the use of life jackets.  People (especially adults) can tend to be a little lazy about their use because they merely forget or consider them an inconvenience.  They  might believe that since they are good swimmers, they don’t really need to be burdened with a restraining jacket.  Without thinking the situation through they can miss the wisdom of recognizing potential circumstances in which a life jacket could mean the difference between life and death.

In the same way, people can diminish the importance of recognizing the Word of God  as a final authority.  God has given us a prescription for life and it involves putting His word first every day.  If we neglect it through laziness or forgetfulness, or think that because things are going ok, we don’t need to burden ourselves with its necessity, we might be able to get along for awhile and not experience any ill effects.

However, when an emergency situation arises, a relationship with the Word is a life jacket that can mean the difference between life and death.  God’s Word is life, and without it we are potentially on a pathway in the opposite direction whether we realize it immediately or not.

Every day you go in the water of life, don’t forget to put on your life jacket!  You’ll be glad you did.





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