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Making Sense Of It All

How can we process the current events that we are faced with?  There seems to be a shooting almost every week.  Political pundits want to make these tragedies about race, gun control, immigration, etc.   Their motive is always in service to selfish agendas.  But that is not the real issue.

What is really in play here is simple.  There is a spiritual battle going on between good and evil and the enemy will use any and every devise to divide and conquer.

What we must always remember is that no matter what the situation, it boils down to one thing.  Satan is the cause of a fallen world, is doomed for destruction and is on constant attack to bring as many people down with him.

Our part is to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.  We must be ever watchful, prayerful and aware of the authority we have in the world and in our own lives and families.  Now is not the time to fall asleep or become powerless through weariness.  Now is the time to rise up, vigilant and strong and declare, “Not on our watch”!

As we align ourselves with God’s plan, He is for us and not against us.  His church will prevail and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  THAT IS OUR VICTORY!



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