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In God We Trust

Have you noticed that the logical outcome of belief systems begin to emerge when actually put to the test.  We are seeing before our very eyes some real time experiments through the implementation of certain world views and the end result of those belief systems.

In the most recent cultural divides taking place around us, there have been concerted efforts to remove God from many public arenas of existence. (By the term “removing God” I am referring to the rejection of a fundamental belief that the affairs of men are not separate from but dependent on a divine transcendent source).  Our Judeo Christian heritage in America has always maintained belief in a Divine Source as a given.  As a key document in the formation of our country, we find that wording in the Declaration of Independence makes reference to a Creator. Our founding fathers thought it necessary to inform an oppressive British empire, that the basic human rights that all men are entitled to, do not come from other men.  They are bestowed on us by a Creator so that all mankind may enjoy what the declaration defines as inalienable rights – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  If these rights were given by men, then men could take them away.  But if they are endowed by a transcendent Supreme Power, then only that Supreme Power has the right to remove them.

This Judeo Christian world view is at the very core of the democratic republic that we have the privilege to live in.  This system of government (purposefully designed by our founding fathers) implements a balance of powers to prevent people from taking rights away from other people, especially through the power of the mob.  That is why the founding fathers did not create a pure democracy as the foundation for our constitution and legal systems.  In a pure democracy, 51% of the population can take rights away from the remaining 49%.  This is a system of mob rule, where if your mob is bigger than my mob than you can take away my right to life, liberty and happiness depending on how you or I define that.

In contrast, a Democratic Republic is much more sophisticated.  Checks and balances are imposed that provide, as much as possible, a more impartial method of change outside the control of a few (or even a simple majority) .  This allows a more complete representation of the whole.  While not being perfect, it strives to be as fair a way as humanly possible to order the affairs of men.  Through this unique system of government, our country has weathered some incredible internal divisions…slavery being one of the most obvious.

As we are all weathering new social challenges in our nation and world, we must always remember and appreciate that these protections instilled by our founding fathers are for the benefit  of all of us.  A trust in checks and balances submitted to the morals of an impartial Creator allow us to have faith that justice will always win out (sooner or later).  Using lessor methods may work for us to get our agenda accomplished today, but may also result in the future as a miscarriage of justice working against us.  What goes around often comes around.



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