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How would you respond to the statement that our modern culture is full of idols and these idols appear to be gaining more and more acceptance every day?

I believe we can see them popping up everywhere in the media, art, sports, education, science, etc.  The bible would suggest that any pursuit that declares itself independent of and self-sufficient without God is an idol.   As this basic Judeo-Christian value is abandoned  in our society, idols are being woven into every fabric of modern secularized living.  They have become so normalized that we barely recognize them…or if we do recognize them we tend to reluctantly and grudgingly accept them as unavoidable.

Unfortunately, all of us can easily fall under their evil influence if concerted effort is not made to maintain God at the center and focus of an authentic Christian lifestyle.  I would contend that through passive acceptance and minor resistance we are being inundated with the byproducts of idol worship…secularism, immoral attacks on the family and marriage, acceptance of abortion and genocide, schools and institutions removing prayer and reliance on God, a lack of ethics in politics, business and culture, false news and false science, evolutionary theories that suggest that God is non-existent or unnecessary, etc.

Many believe that these realities are direct consequences of world-views which minimize (or remove altogether) the concept of a Supreme Creator at the center of everyday life.

What do you think?




  1. I agree that idols are becoming more and more prevalent. It used to be subtle, but now it’s become mainstream. Program titles such as “American Idol” give the impression that idols are a normal part of society. As Christians, we need to continually ask ourselves what is most important to us. We may not even realize that we’re serving something other than God.

  2. Good word Pastor Jeff. It is very thought provoking and correct. Since you have been preaching on this subject I have seen a few things that I have made into idols and they must go. Every high thing must come down and every stronghold will be broken.

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