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Pastor Jeff and Melissa planted Generate Life Church with their family and a handful of friends in Coppell in 2015.  After growing up in a traditional religion, they experienced God’s life changing salvation and the fullness of His Spirit. Jeff and Melissa longed to share their joy and message of God’s amazing grace to their local community.


Here at GLC, we believe God has provided a “High Way” of living which we call G-LIFE!











These core values are based on the Beatitudes, Jesus’ foundational teachings about the Greatest Commandment, the Great Commission, the Lord’s Prayer, and the “I AM” statements found in the book of John.

We apply this “High Way” of life to membership, leadership, and problem-solving to create a healthy, safe environment for people to grow and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.


Pastor Jeff Spangler 

Lead Pastor & Founder of Generate Life Church 

God called us to plant this church in Coppell, Texas in 2015. We have a heart to live in and to serve our community and to make Him known. My goal as pastor of GLC is to be led by the Spirit, to equip the Saints, serve our community, bring glory to His name, changing one life at a time. 


I am an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and hold a Bachelor of Music degree from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am also a  graduate of JSMI Bible School in Crowley, Texas. Melissa and I have 6 children and lots of grandkids. 

Pastor Melissa Spangler 

Worship Pastor & Founder of Generate Life Church 

God has called me to worship! In my life I have truly experienced the awesomeness of who God is. I am humbled that He would use me as a vessel of worship. I am so blessed that my passion fulfills my God-given purpose.


I have served over 25 years in music ministry playing an assortment of instruments such as the fiddle, key boards, trumpet, and other string instruments. As a homeschool mom, I loved passing on the gift of music to my children and now we have a generational musical family. Make sure to look for my kids in the worship band! 

Pastor Kamal Manik

Associate Pastor 

Being born and raised as a Hindu priest, I am not impressed by religion or rhetoric. I believe it is genuine relationship with God through Christ that transforms lives. I have personally witnessed
the power of God’s love and mercy in my life, as I went through many personal challenges. It is now my desire to equip the men and women of God to be powerful witnesses of His love, by
growing in their personal relationship with God and living a life that pleases God. It has been a great honor to be called to minister to several people across the nations as a pastor and teacher of God’s Word.

Pastor Sean McCombs 

Youth Pastor 

I love God and enjoy being in His presence! Even after almost 20 years serving in children’s and youth ministries, it never gets old!

My mission is to share God’s Word and His Message to our youth in a way that inspires them to develop and grow their personal relationship with God.

Pastor Stephanie Irizarry 

Children's Pastor 

Teaching is my passion. I love breaking down the Word in a way that younger minds can grasp the truth. My goal after each Sprouts and G.R.O.W. service is that each student is excited about Knowing God’s Word and Who He Is. After serving in children’s ministry for more than 20 years, I never grow tired of eyes lighting up when they know the answer, hands being raised in surrender, and voices singing praises to the one true God!