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Mob Rule

Our recent cultural shifts seem to be attempting to remove basic principles of justice in favor of mob rule, which unfortunately is all too often based on raw feelings demanding immediate resolution.  Modern art and media are driving a narrative that states as long as your intent is good, then the end justifies the means.  […]

The Way to Person’s Heart!

Feeding someone is such a great way to express love.  My grandmother specialized in seeing all of us comfortably or even uncomfortably stuffed.  Her favorite self-assumed responsibility was to daily lay out an irresistible breakfast, lunch and dinner for anyone within eating range.  I think she was actually a little disappointed and taken aback if […]

Fellowship in the Bible

In modern Christianity, the purpose of the church has been categorized into five areas…Worship, Discipleship, Ministry, Fellowship, and Evangelism. I think of them in this way…Love for God, Love for His Word, Love for His church, Love for His people and Love for His world. This is the family business that we are all about!  […]