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Have you ever had a best friend who accepted you for who you are?  Someone you knew really loved you and whom you could love back in the same way that you loved yourself. In Matthew 22:39, Jesus talks about this kind of relationship.  God’s word says to  “Love your neighbor as yourself”.  In John […]

Why G-LIFE Fitness?

Just as I arrive at a place where I begin to understand life a little bit and enjoy the many fun things which I am called to do, all of a sudden I notice my body starting to break down robbing me of the ability to do them. O wretched man that I am!  🙂 […]


God has invited you into His FAVE FIVE.  So, what does that mean? Well, T-moblie used to offer a phone calling plan that allowed for unlimited minutes for your five favorite friends. Well God has always had a FAVE FIVE plan; The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, you and whoever God lays on your […]


Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday.  We watched as two highly skilled teams came prepared to compete with very sophisticated game plans.  It was interesting to see how those plans were executed as the night unfolded and how important they were to either team’s ultimate success or failure. It made me think about the amazing Game […]

Praying Hands Emoji – The controversy.

A while back there was some internet confusion and discussion about the praying hands emoji actually being a high five emoji.  Why did this matter?  Because you wouldn’t want to use the praying hands emoji after an expression of concern for a sick friend and have them mistake it for a “high five” actually celebrating […]

Christmas…a season for “getting”.

People often say that Christmastime is a season for giving.  But I just realized that the most important part of Christmas is “getting”.  Getting Jesus.  That is the “One Thing”, the most important thing…that we “Get” Jesus. Of course, once you “Get” Jesus than you can “Give” Jesus. But this Christmas season, if you haven’t […]

God’s Supernatural “Highway”

My last post dealt with the Highway of God that is declared in chapter 35 of the book of Isaiah.  He was of course prophesying about the “New Creation”, “New Testament”, “Kingdom of Heaven” reality that Jesus taught about in His sermon on the mount (Matt. 5:3-11).  You will have to listen to my sermon […]