Saturday Evening Service 5:30pm
111 Samuel Blvd.
Coppell, Texas 75019


Read Eph. 4:13-16.

Unfortunately, churches will always be full of imperfect people and likely to experience growth pains.  Natural families must learn to love and forgive.  Grafted families in the church must make the same commitment to one another.  In a consumer culture, with such a variety of church options, the tendency can be to cut and run over even the slightest disagreements.  On the other hand, churches are also subject to unfair power structures and abuses.  Father, we pray in the Name of Jesus that Your will for the church would be accomplished and that we would be jointly fit together in unity and power.  We stand together in love to accomplish the mission You have called us to.  And we ask that You would help us to establish safe, loving, healthy churches built on sacrificial love and loyalty to Christ!