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Do you remember a time when your heart was ablaze with the fire of God? Then, as Solomon's did, it began to wane? How can we keep the fire of our hearts burning brightly? Join us as Pastor Kamal shares how to fuel your fire and fan those smoldering embers into a blazing conflagration of

God's love! 

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Got milk? god's grocery list 

What’s on God’s grocery list? Join Pastor Jeff as he discusses the new Christian’s need for spiritual milk, how we are to grow up and bear fruit, and then move on to the meat of the Word of God. In this series you’ll discover how to bear fruit that will last and live in the covenant promise of God that whatever you ask in Jesus’ name the Father will give you!

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Are you living in the freedom that Jesus died for? Would you like to be liberated from anything that has you bound, released from frustration, and free to experience God’s unconditional love? In Romans 7, Paul describes the bondage experienced by the “soul man” that seems impossible to break free from. But in Romans 8, he describes the freedom through the Spirit of God and the love of God that causes us to be more than conquerors! 

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THe heart of the father 

How does creation reveal the Father’s heart? Day after day His great goodness and lovingkindness are brilliantly illustrated in His handiwork. This series will help you discover new facets of His Father’s heart and how to share it with others. 

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In this series, we delve into how we can “Be Ready” for Jesus’ soon return. Through the life of Samson, you’ll discover how God can use any circumstance to fulfill His purpose and glory. You’ll be reminded of the signs of Jesus’ coming and the end of the age from Matthew 24 and the book of Daniel. You’ll discover what our last-days stance should be, and how to interpret Jesus’ answers to His disciples’ two questions relating to the end times. If you’ve ever wondered about eschatology, this series makes it simple to understand and will equip you to successfully navigate these last days.

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Yes & amen! 

All of God’s promises are YES and AMEN! Even though there are very real attacks against our bodies, fear coming against our minds, and circumstances that threaten to destroy us, this series will help you discover how to activate your victory over every enemy attack and experience God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

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The Healer/God’s Blueprint for Manifested Healing

God wants you healed, free, and full of peace — nothing missing, nothing broken — so that you can unleash the compassion of the Healer inside you to the world. In this series you’ll discover God’s Master Plan for accessing by faith what He’s already provided by His grace. You’ll learn that healing is a “done deal” and how to take possession of your promised land by God’s divine faith design.

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Dinner With God: Our Covenant Meal

Communion isn’t just a ritual but a “meal that seals the deal.” In this series you’ll learn how to activate God’s promises, not only for yourself but for others, through our covenant meal with Him. You’ll discover the powerful promises that are manifested through this meal with God, and how to be a participant in the ministry of reconciliation. In Part 5 and 6, you’ll be invited to experience a Valentine’s Thanksgiving Dinner with God. “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever!” (I Chron. 16:34)

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