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In need of Prayer? 

Jesus understands our struggles & day to day lives because he was human too

While He walked on this earth, Jesus was falsely accused, arrested, and paid the ultimate price for someone else's crimes. He experienced the sorrow of loosing loved ones, the temptations of using His position as the Son of God for fame and fortune, and the frustrations of seeing the Church He so dearly loved twisting its true purpose to become a finance stealer of the marginalized. 

He understood the marginalized because He walked the same paths they did. Though He was the Son of God, He experienced the inequality of being an immigrant, the struggle of being homeless, the injustice of being un-rightly accused, and the constant verbal abuse from those who did not agree with His lifestyle.  

No matter what the world hurdled at Him, He always had an out stretched arm for the outcasts, traditional trouble makers, and befriended His own enemies. 

No problem or troubles you may FACE is too big or far from jesus to be prayed into victory 

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For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

- Matthew 18:20

Let us Pray for you!

Here at GLC, we want the honor of praying for you to help you overcome whatever struggles you may face. Our weekly prayer group will take your requests before God and cover you with prayer. Join us in-person on Saturday evenings at 5:30 PM where our mid-service prayer team will agree with you in faith over your prayer needs. 

If you would like to join our prayer team, please contact us for more information.